Uruka Blackspirit is one of the heroines of Eien no Aselia.


Very formal and polite. Does her duties very seriously, probably a little too seriously.



She was originally created by the Chaos Eternals to protect Ryutoriam.

Eien no AseliaEdit

She is first encountered in the ether reactor of Ispelia where she battles Aselia. Although she clearly has the advantage, she lets her and the others go.

Uruka routeEdit

Route specificsEdit

During her route, it is Yuuto who carries her after the attack instead of she carrying him. During the invasion of Sargios, both encounter Soma and decides to defeat him, however he is using Uruka's former subordinates against her. It greatly pains her to kill them, but she nevertheless manages to put and end to his life.

During the storming of the capital of Sargios, Uruka is force to kill others of her former subordinates, one of them dies in her arms but gives her a hairband before turning into mana mist.