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First branching point: Chapter III - The Visitors, 10th turn of Mission 14: Defend Ransa 

Aselia、Esperia、Orpha、Lesteena、Uruka routes have been decided by this point. At this first branching point you‟ll see a specific event. For the most part, you can easily tell which ending you are headed for just by the heroine that this event features.

Second branching point: Chapter IV - Desire and Oath, after Mission 21: Defeat Shun and rescue Kaori

This branching point only matters on subsequent playthroughs, and only for Kyouko and Tokimi.

If conditions for getting the endings of multiple heroines are achieved at the same time, you get the ending for the heroine with higher priority. The priority chart is as follows:

Aselia > Esperia > Orpha > Kyouko = Tokimi > Lesteena > Uruka 

Prologue - Girl with the White Wings[]

Chapter I - The Faeries of a Finite World[]

Mission 1: Destroy the unidentified enemy spirits lurking in Laus[]

Mission 2: Pursue the enemies, and drive them out of Rakios territory[]

Mission 3: Destroy the Ancient Dragon Sadgaraham[]

Chapter II - Squirming Ambition[]

Mission 4: Capture Rizario and Rimodoa[]

Mission 5: Annihilate the enemies coming from the Samodoa Mountains[]

Mission 6: Capture the capital of the Barnlyte Kingdom[]

Mission 7: Capture Kemuseraut and Hiemuna[]

Mission 8: Fight for the control of the Grand Duchy of Datsi[]

Mission 9: Liberate Ispelia[]

Mission 10: Capture Akirice[]

Mission 11: Capture Sardbart[]

Mission 12: Prepare for the war with the Malorigan Republic[]

Chapter III - The Visitors[]

Mission 13: Advance on the Heliya Road and capture Slegid[]

Mission 14: Defend Ransa[]

Mission 15: Invade Slegid and dispel the mana barrier[]

Mission 16: Capture the capital of Malorigan[]

Mission 17: Stop the Exodus of Mana[]

Chapter IV - Desire and Oath

Extra Mission Aselia: Infiltrate Risoka and obtain the research data[]

Mission 18: Break through the Matriarch's Wall and capture Lirelurael[]

Extra Mission Esperia: Rescue Esperia[]

Extra Mission Orpha: Investigate the Son Rim Ruins[]

Extra Mission Uruka: Annihilate the Soma Corps[]

Mission 19: Bypass the Wall of Order[]

Mission 20: Reach the Sargios Imperial Capital[]

Mission 21: Defeat Shun and rescue Kaori[]

Extra Mission Tokimi: Recapture Malorigan from the usurpers[]

Chapter V[]

Extra Mission Kyouko: Defend Rakios from the invading enemies[]

Mission 22: Drive the Law Eternals from Phantasmagoria[]

Mission 23: Eliminate all enemies from this world[]