Spirits are beings of superior power than humans, but are nevertheless slave soldiers towards them regardless, leaving humans to be as bellicose as they like. They are called "fairies" by Dragons and Eternity Swords.

They are born from the sword of Rebirth with their sword. And when they die, they believe hat their mana will return to the sword of Rebirth.

They are divided into several types.

Blue spiritsEdit

They have the strongest attacks, but a weak defense. They can prevent the enemy of using their support skills, with the exception of black spirits and non-spirits.

Green spiritsEdit

They have the strongest defense, healing and defensive support skills, and average-to-high attack power. However, their resistance is often very low making it dangerous to fight against red spirits.

Red spiritsEdit

They are focused on offensive support skills, but have abysmal defense along with poor attack.However, they have more elemental attacks than other spirits to give them a little boost in the attacker position when used properly.

Black spiritsEdit

They have more balanced stats than the other spirits, but don't excel in any role. Their attack skills, while not very powerful, are focused on having large numbers of uses to wear down enemy defenders and score critical hits as a result. Their defensive skills are relatively weak, but reflect a portion of physical damage back onto the attacker in exchange. black spirits' support skills are focused on lowering the stats of enemies or doing damage to the enemy supporter. It is worth noting that black support skills are immune to the interrupts of blue spirits, making them valuable against foes using Ice Banisher.

White spiritsEdit

They are very rare, so their abilities aren't well known.