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Etrangers is a term used in Phantasmagoria to qualify people who came from an another world.

It means "stranger" or "foreigner" in French.


Etrangers wield higher-ranking Eternity Swords, normally around Ranks 4 and 5 respectively, granting them considerable power superior to spirits. They are also more versatile than spirits, and considered superior in every regard. A sort of drawback to the Etrangers is that they are completely unable to resist the Royal Family whom govern over their Eternity Sword. An example of this is Takamine Yuuto, who tries to defy the King of Raikos' will multiple times, only to be stopped by a sort of spell that keeps him in check.

Known Etrangers[]

  • Takamine Yuuto
  • Midori Kouin
  • Misaki Kyouko
  • Akitsuki Shun