Eternity Sword Wiki

This chart is for composing balanced squads.

Characters Attack Defense Defensive Support Offensive Support Misc
Aselia Great Average Yes Yes All around best blue spirit. Strongest attack of all characters. Can use Ether Sink.
Nelie Great Average Yes No Skills have high number of actions and reduce enemy's defense.
Shiah Good Average Yes Yes Weaker than other blue spirits, but can directly target troublesome supporters with Impulse Blow and Fury.
Selia Good Average Yes Yes Attack skills are weaker but learns Heaven's Sword much earlier than other blue spirits. Can use Ether Sink, but if on the defending side the enemy can go first.
Esperia Good Great Yes Yes Abysmally low Resist, so she takes a lot of damage from spells. In high levels, can only gain Mind through Support Skills.
Halion Weak Good Yes No Best healing spells, compensates her weak defense with a lot of hit points.
Nimnthor Average Great Yes Yes Best defense skills, but no healing spells.
Oruphaliru Weak Abysmal Yes Yes Weak at the beginning, until she obtains a party target spell. Large power jump at the level 10 class up.
Himika Great Weak Yes Yes Elemental attacks deal high critical damage, but single target spells only.
Nanaru Abysmal Weak Yes Yes Best offensive Support Skills, all target parties. Large power jump at the level 10 class up.
Uruka Good Good Yes Yes All around best black spirit.
Helion Weak Average Yes Yes All around weak black spirit.
Faren Average Average Yes Yes All around decent black spirit.
Takamine Yuuto Good Great Yes Yes Starts weak, but grows quickly through leveling. Unlike green defenders, high resist allows him to soak Heaven's Sword and enemy support skills.
Midori Kouin Average Great Yes No Strongest defense of all characters. Cannot lose mind.
Misaki Kyouko Great Average No Yes All of her abilities are for inflicting damage.
Kurahashi Tokimi Great Good No Yes Her support skills increases attacks, but also decreases defense. No hit point regeneration.
Kaori Great
Io Great Absent